Presentations from Our Community Experts

Keynote Speech: Rainwater and Youth Around the World: Lonny Grafman has led water catchment projects all over the world. Lonny is an Instructor of Sustainable Design at Humboldt State University, the founder of the Practivistas summer abroad program. (Library Fishbowl)  

The Zero Waste Solution: Zero Waste Humboldt will be discussing what Zero Waste is and why it's important. We will describe the work of our organization, what you can do to make a difference, and the problems with today's waste management. (Library Fishbowl)  

Ocean Acidification and Marine Life: Cori Flannery, HSU graduate student, will demonstrate how ocean acidification works and involve the audience in learning about the impacts of ocean acidification on local marine organisms (Location: Siemens Hall 109) 

 Indigenous Rights, Contamination, and Water Politics in Oaxaca, Mexico: HSU Graduate Student Natasha S O'Loughlin will involve students and teachers in learning about health issues facing the indigenous community of Zoogochi in Oaxaca, Mexico. (Location: Siemens Hall 110)